Space: The Final Frontier!

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Join West County Winds as we move from fresh air to outer space! The centerpiece of this program is the world premier of Eclipse written by local composter, Mark Narins, narrative poem by Susan Hanford. A 20 minute tone poem, this work anticipates and celebrates the 5 stages of the total solar eclipse that will occur in August this year.


Sunday, May 21st, 2017:

Knox Center for the Performing Arts, Contra Costa College 
Geoffrey Gallegos, Conductor.    Sue Crum, Assistant Conductor.


  • John Philip Sousa – The Transit of Venus March
  • John Williams – Adventures on Earth
  • Mark Narins – Total Eclipse of the Sun with narration by the composer, words by Susan Hanford
  • Brian Balmages – Open Space
  • Harline/Washington – When You Wish Upon a Star